Employment Laws and Helpful Links Based on Number of Employees

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Not sure what employment laws your company needs to comply with?  Check out this easy reference list with links to more resources.   Employment Laws & Links Based on Number of Employees

Curbing Employee Gossip, What’s a Manager to Do?

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Casual gossip is natural in the culture of many companies and, for as long as there has been interactive communication gossip can exist.  As an employer you may have to deal with gossip, but there are measures you can take to curb employee gossip.

More severe gossip involves vicious rumors that can create ill will among co-workers and disrupts the workforce. Gossip has rarely been recognized as a form of flattery, and in most cases lacks any real validity. It can cause irreversible damage and possibly get people into some serious trouble. When individuals assume to know and then discuss private affairs of others, they Read more…

7 Tips that Make a Bigger Impact as an Administrative Assistant

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It is no secret that the recession had forced many companies to work with a much smaller team. This is where your administrative support comes into play. Administrative professionals can help in all areas of the workplace such as identifying money saving techniques and helping understand today’s technology to better improve business efficiencies.   According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, more than 4,400 administrative professionals and 500 managers want the opportunity to expand their responsibilities and amplify their abilities. Here are some tips on how to do just that!

1. Empower yourself to serve as a spending guard dog. Identify costly wastefulness (where do YOU see it happening most often.)
2. Do not be afraid to offer help in negotiating with certain vendors. A fresh pair of eyes and ears never hurt anyone.
3. Give yourself the upper hand by knowing the in’s and out’s of today’s technology. The more technical training you have as an administrative assistant the more your entire company will benefit.
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3 Simple ways to combat retention issues.

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Sometimes we just need to look at some basics to combat retention issues. These items below provide a solid start.

1. Are you hiring the most qualified candidates or the best fit to the organizations culture? Focus on making sure that the individuals you are hiring are not only a good match for the job skills and knowledge required, but also for the work environment, company culture and more importantly their own strengths and areas of interest.

2. Strategize. Your strategy to improve retention should examine whether or not new employees are:

o fully orientated to the company as well as their position,
o receiving effective on-boarding information,
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3 Tips for Career Conversations That Energize and Engage Employees

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3 Tips for Career Conversations That Energize and Engage Employees http://ow.ly/dNqUP

Not another Meeting!! Making Meetings Engaging and Effective

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If you are like many leaders, your daily schedules are crammed so full of meetings, commitments and your life that you rarely have the luxury to sit down, relax and plan thoughtfully. However, being prepared will give you an edge in conducting effective meetings for your organization and ensure that they are kept to an efficient timeframe!

Before the Meeting:

1. Meetings should be scheduled regularly and at the same time & place if possible. This helps to create a sense of habit within your organization. If everyone knows that staff meeting is on the second Thursday of every month, then there’s no reason for people to be schedule themselves for anything else. It also assists in time management for you as well as being considerate of their time as well.

2. Identify the purpose(s) of the meeting. What is the real reason you are meeting? Is it to brainstorm, cross-communicate, provide instruction, or simply give new information? It may also be a combination of one or more of these things.

3. Develop an agenda to meet the purpose(s) determined and establish a specific timeframe for each. Be ready to stick to both Read more…

Conducting an Engaging and Effective Meeting through Meeting Roles

April 1, 2013 2 comments

Every meeting participant has a role to play to ensure a meetings effectiveness. Below are some tried and true roles that help to ensure your meetings are not only engaging and effective but also give employees a chance to assume some leadership responsibility for the meeting. This creates both an engaging and efficient meeting.


• Prepares the agenda
• Removes or adds items based on time constraints
• Determines the need for decision making regarding items in the agenda
• Validates decisions where necessary
• They are also a meeting Participant

Workshop Interaction Pic iStock_000016430947SmallModerator:

• The role of the Moderator is to determine the process to be used to reach the objectives of the meeting
• Asks for input for agenda items, and put together the agenda
• Distributes the agenda
• Keeps the meeting focused on topics being discussed
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